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As you click on drawings you will see a title and a description that includes the dimensions and year it was made. The vast majority of my art does not have a formal title, they are just labeled as one thing or another on this website so they are easier for me to find.

Additionally, on the "Up Close" pages, to get a more zoomed-in view, on your keyboard press "command" and "+"

Artist Statement

Pointillism is a form of shading/drawing by placing dots near each other in varying degrees of density. It's called stippling when the art piece is done in gray scale and pointillism when color is used.


The concept of one unimportant dot, devoid of detail or distinction, that can be recreated again and again in order to create a detailed image as a whole is really interesting to me. By itself, the dot is easily overlooked but when placed near others, it is impossible not to see the whole composition. I enjoy the surprise when people step closer to a drawing and realize that it was wholly created with a simple pen point.

What I choose to create often ends up being what I think would be satisfying to both make and to look at. I originally focused on drawing men because I learned about the male gaze theory and I wanted to even the scales even if just slightly. Additionally, in high school I thought the male figure was harder to draw because of all the angles and I wanted to challenge myself. However, over the years I have realized that male and female bodies are equally difficult to draw. Lately I have been focused more on musculature and expanding to different mediums (watercolor, acrylic, and digital). Additionally, I have been messing around with gold, solid black, and geometric shapes and have been working on intent.

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